Winter 2021

Space Dog:
Mission 6

Space Dog is our brewer’s chance to experiment with new hazy varietals, playing with hops and flavors to bring a new beer to life.

"Mission 6" is brewed with Nelson, Sauvin, Waimea and Wakatu hops, delivering a juicy, hoppy, and floral Hazy IPA with notes of citrus, pine, and tropical fruit.

Storm Chaser

A collaboration brew benefitting Protect Our Winters®, this lightly hopped lager is the perfect apres-ski beer to celebrate the season. POW® is continuously fighting to protect our climate and environment, with a passion that we share, and an authenticity that we value. In Truckee, winter is not just a passion, but a way of life.


B.A.R.T. - Barrel Aged Really Tasty

This delicious brew is a barrel aged blend of Imperial Stout and Barleywine, and this time we canned it with Nitro for an incredibly smooth, delicious, and decadent experience.

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