Truckee’s Basecamp is FiftyFifty Brewing Co’s Backyard

Truckee California, at the foot of the Sierras, is what the locals call a Basecamp for a Big Life. Nestled between Reno and the San Francisco Bay Area, and split by the Truckee River, this hamlet for 17,000 full-time residents sits at 5,820 feet above sea level and provides a canvas for whatever your version of a Big Life may be.

When FiftyFifty started, we rooted in the notion of Balance. You’ll see the ‘Find your balance’ phrase in a lot of our materials. We’ve always loved the balance in everything we do. Sometimes that meant a morning hike, followed by sushi for lunch. Sometimes it meant mountain biking in the afternoon and a Black Tie dinner at night. Life to us is best when we’re sampling from all the things around us, and finding balance in the different experiences.

This is how we think about beer as well. We love beer and firmly believe that if it tastes good, it is good. Sometimes that’s a rich, dark, creamy barrel aged stout. Other times it’s a light, refreshing pilsner. Sometimes it’s both in the same sitting. We don’t chase fads and we don’t worry about the latest Double Quad IPA. We brew beer that we think will taste good. We regularly have over a dozen varieties on tap at our pub and we love introducing new flavors there because it’s our own in-house R&D facility. Our regulars know that on any given day they sit at the bar, one of our brewers or bartenders will reach across the bar with a taster and say ‘let me know what you think of this’.

Big Life to us means a balance between the outdoors and the indoors, between summer and winter, between burgers and sushi, pilsner and porters. We love our basecamp in Truckee and we hope everyone gets the chance to come visit. If you don’t, look for our balanced beers in increasingly more locations around the world.

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